To be uploaded online then after acceptance of application they deposited at the relevant Consular Office of the Republic of Albania Missions or Honorary Consulates, as well as contracted agencies by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs in other countries. 

The applicant must present the following documents:

1) The application form for a visa must be completed online (after completion the applicant must print and sign the completed form);

2) One passport sized photo no older than six months from the date of application;

3) Photocopy of a valid travel document, (valid for at least three months more than the period of validity of the requested visa);

4) Travel health insurance documents for the duration of the visa;

5) For children under 18 years: A statement expressing the consent of a parent or legal guardian of the child for the trip, or the person responsible.

6) An invitation from the host accompanied with a photocopy of their passport (if the host is a foreign citizen the invitation must also include their Residence Permit in the Republic of Albania issued by the relevant Albanian Authority). It is important to note that the host must deposit a copy of the invitation at the relevant Regional Department for Border and Migration, where the host is living. 

1. Document of round-trip ticket booking;

2. Hotel booking or documents with information regarding the accommodation for the duration of their stay;

3. Proof that the foreign citizen has sufficient income (bank statements);

4. Proof of employment from their country of birth or country of residence. In case of this criteria not being met, the foreign citizen has to provide sufficient evidence that they will return to their country of birth or country of residence. 

1) After refusal of a visa, the foreigner has the right to reapply only after the appeals procedures have ended or after three months from the date of receiving the decision;

2) Obtaining a visa is not a guarantee that a foreigner is allowed to enter the Republic of Albania;

3) Foreigners coming from countries affected by the epidemic or disease, at the Border Crossing Point can be requested to provide the original international vaccination cards.

Processing time: SAME DAY

GVA is able to assist the client with checking and reviewing documents required to ensure accuracy and meeting with the requirements of the visa process. The applicant will need to attend an interview.

GVA Handling charge: £50

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